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William Holman Hunt (1827 - 1910):
The School-Girl's Hymn

A266; oil on panel; 35 x 25 cm.

Signed and dated: 18 WHH 59.

Bequeathed by Thomas Combe, 1893; WA1894.2.

Parris 1984, no. 102.

This is a 'pot-boiler' and shows 'a girl going to school in a smiling summer Sunday morning, singing her hymn as she walks along'. The model was Miriam Wilkinson, a labourer's daughter Hunt met while staying with Thomas Combe at a farmhouse near Hastings in Kent in 1858. The painting was completed in October 1859 and bought by Combe before the opening of an exhibition at Gambart's gallery.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.

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