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William Holman Hunt (1827 - 1910):
The Afterglow in Egypt

A267; oil on canvas; 82 x 37 cm.

Signed with monogram: WHH.

Bequeathed by Thomas Combe, 1893; WA1894.3.

Brown 1987, no. 44.

Financed by the sale of his paintings, Holman Hunt left England on 13 January 1854, hoping to rediscover the biblical lands in Egypt and Palestine. He wrote to Combe in 1854 that he had begun a life-sized study of an Egyptian girl, but that the trials of heat and dust and the difficulty of persuading the model to pose, caused him to abandon the painting. He returned to it back in England in 1861 (Southampton Art Gallery) and at the same time painted this smaller version.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.