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British Artist (c.1594):
John Dee

F746; oil on canvas; 76 x 63.5 cm.

Inscribed: Johannes Dee / Anglus, / Londinensis / AEt. suae / 67.

Founder's Collection.; WA1898.18.

Poole 1912, no. 407; MacGregor 1983, no. 291.

John Dee (1527-1608) was one of the most influential figures of the Elizabethan age. He studied mathematics and astrology and from an early age was supposed to practise magic. Ashmole owned a number of Dee's manuscripts (now in the British Library) and obtained this portrait while gathering material for a biography, which, however, he never wrote.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.

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