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Ferrarese Artist (c.1510/30):
The Holy Family with an Angel

A335; oil on panel; 52 x 38 cm.

Prov: Melzi d'Eril Collection, Milan; Lochis Collection, Bergamo by 1858; Pinti.

Presented by Mrs James Reddie Anderson, 1913; WA1913.4.

Lloyd 1977, pp. 55-7; Moro 1997, pp. 85, 107.

Joseph and Mary take refreshment while an angel indicates a palm tree; in the background is the Flight into Egypt. Since the Christ Child is not present, the subject may be the Journey to Bethlehem. There are strong Ferrarese elements in this painting, although the Virgin is Leonardesque, reminiscent of Giovanni Agostino da Lodi. A335 may be by a follower of Ortolano; an attribution to Martino Piazza has recently been suggested.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.