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Salomon Ruysdael (1600/3? - 1670):
A Draw-Well with Cattle before Beverwijck Church

A1065; oil on canvas; 112 x 150 cm.

Signed in monogram and dated: SVR 1657.

Prov: Richard Fort; Asher Wertheimer and by descent.

Presented by Mrs J.C. Conway, 1972; WA1972.8.

White 1999, p. 137.

Salomon van Ruysdael worked mainly in Haarlem where he influenced the fashion for tonal landscape painting. He appears to have travelled extensively in the Netherlands and incorporated details of the places he visited into his paintings. The village of Beverwijck which appears in this painting is situated on the road to Alkmaar, north of Haarlem.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.