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Eugène Louis Boudin (1824-1898):
Seagulls and Fishes

A1268; oil on canvas; 35 x 53.5 cm.

Presented by the executors of Derek Hill in accordance with the wishes of John Sparrow, 2004; WA2004.103.

Although best known for his breezy coastal scenes, Boudin was also a notable painter of still-life, reflecting his interest in Dutch painting and in the art of Jean-Siméon Chardin. An array of fish is shown in this sketchy painting, which can be compared with two still-life pictures of fishes, one dated 1873, in the Musée Eugène Boudin in Honfleur. However this unusual composition includes studies of seagulls in flight or perching, as though inspecting a fisherman s catch upon a beach.

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