Advent Calendar Day 21

Five Gold Rings

Five gold Greek Hellenistic earrings from Egypt
Late 4th – early 3rd century BC

In 1905 two exceptional hoards of gold and silver vessels, jewellery and coins were discovered by men digging for fertilizer in the ruins of a small temple at Tukh el-Qaramus in the Nile Delta. The hoards were concealed in the remains of a mud-brick room of a temple.

This small temple at Tukh was probably dedicated to the goddess Isis, and the treasure seems to have been buried in response to some unknown catastrophe in the mid-3rd century BC.

These hooped earrings are richly decorated with wire, beads and animal-heads (bull, wild goat, and ram).

Gold Earrings
ate 4th – early 3rd century BC

From Tukh el-Qaramus, Egypt

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