Look out for events and workshops for young people in our What's On. Or if you're aged 16-19, you can join the Ashmolean CREATIVES Young People’s group.



Thursday 7 February, 4-6pm 

Work with artist Amanda Beck to create a colourful and energetic portrait working directly from the Ashmolean’s collections.  Explore mark making and develop your own creative language in response to a portrait of your choice.

Thursday March4-6pm

4-5pm Visit the JEFF KOONS  exhibition. You can take photos in the exhibition.

5-6pm Meet students from Oxford University's Ruskin School of art; see examples of their work and find out about their experiences and inspiration.

Thursday 4 April, 4-6pm 

Learn about the key features of Islamic art with a short gallery talk from curator Francesca Leoni. Create your own small sketchbook to take away using collage and drawing.


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