Advent Calendar Day 19

Gold stater of Alexander III


Gold stater coin of Alexander the Great

On the obverse (front) of this gold coin of Alexander the Great is the head of Athena, goddess of wisdom, craft, and war, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet decorated with a coiled snake.

On the reverse of the coin, struck around 330–320 BC, stands Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. In her outstretched right hand she holds a wreath, and in her left hand she holds a ship's standard, likely symbolising a victory at sea.

Alexander became ruler of Macedonia in 336 BC after the murder of his father Philip II. The coinage of Alexander the Great became one of the first truly international currencies, with vast quantities of coins issued from many different mints. The money was used across an extensive area stretching from Greece to Afghanistan.

Gold stater of Alexander the Great
(Alexander III of Macedon)
From the Amphipolis mint

c. 330–320 BC

Not currently on display

Gold stater of Alexander III