Advent Calendar Day 5

Ravilious Starry Sky Engraving

An engraving by Eric Ravilious (1903–1942)

Eric Ravilious trained as a wood engraver and mural painter at the Royal College of Art where he was taught by Paul Nash. He worked initially as a book illustrator and designer but turned increasingly to watercolour during the 1930s. This engraving, showing mountains, stars and gems, is from a large series completed to illustrate the 1933 book Fifty-Four Conceits by Martin Armstrong.

Ravilious died in 1942 off the coast of Iceland while working as a war artist. His plane disappeared while on a search and rescue mission. 

An Explorer
Eric Ravilious (1903–1942)
From a series of illustrations for the book Fifty-Four Conceits by Martin Armstrong

Wood engraving

Not currently on display