Key Stage 2
National Curriculum Subject Area/s:
History, with potential for cross-curricular work
Length of session: 1 hour 
Max group size: usually 1 class but there may be flexibility to group classes


  • Knowledge and understanding of how archaeologists use clues left behind by ancient Greeks to build a better understanding of everyday life, culture and society c2,500 years ago
  • Awareness of the skills developed by craftspeople in Ancient Greece
  • Using objects from the collections, children will learn more about the similarities and differences between life in Ancient Greece and in the modern world.
  • Improved observation, speaking and reasoning skills


Activity 1: Setting the context Using a model of the Acropolis to set the scene we will then find out about sports people, playwrights and other people the Ancient Greeks considered worthy of commemorating in sculpture.

Activity 2: Gods and Goddesses Using high quality images of objects from the galleries pupils will learn to recognise some gods and goddesses and discover that there are still history mysteries to be unpicked.

Activity 3: Ancient Greek coins Pupils will learn that our coins are inspired by Ancient Greek coin design - typically they would have a famous person, God or Goddess on the heads and some information on the tail side. They will spot some Ancient Greek letters and learn to read them. Option to sketch a coin.

Activity 4: Myths and Legends and daily life. The Ancient Greeks painted scenes on their fabulous pottery. These images are almost like windows into the past. Pupils will use the pictures to find out more about daily life, work, myths and legends

Activity 5: Preparing for a party: Pupils with use more painting on pots to learn about the food drink and entertainment at an Ancient Greek party.

Activity 6: Make a shadow puppet: In the third century BC the writer Xenophon tells us that Potheinos, a famous puppeteer from Syracuse, performed in the theatre of Dionysius in Athens. The children will make shadow puppets inspired by characters we have seen during the workshop.