Key Stage 1 or 2
National Curriculum Subject Area/s: 
Art, Geography, potential for cross-curricular work
Length of session: 1 hour
Max group size: usually 1 class but there may be flexibility to group classes


During the session pupils will consider these questions:

  • What is a landscape?
  • Why do people paint landscapes?
  • How have landscape paintings changed over time?
  • What materials and techniques do artists use?


Activity 1: Pupils will explore a variety of landscape paintings and prints from the Western Art tradition. We will use a range of techniques to engage children with the artwork including I spy games, soundscapes and more.

Activity 2: Pupils will discover why artists began to move away from realistic representation of landscape after the invention of photography. They will investigate different techniques used by artists, including abstract art and more about the role of colour in painting. 

Activity 3: Inspired by a seascape from our collections, children will create a torn paper and card collage.