National Curriculum Subject Area/s: History, Art & Design, Science, potential for cross-curricular work
Length of session: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Max group size: 32 pupils


  • Understanding that objects can give us information about how people lived and worked in the past
  • Understanding more about the different kinds of materials used by craftsmen
  • Understanding that early people were scientists, experimenting with materials they found in their environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of using archaeological evidence to learn about the past
  • Improved understanding about this remote period of history
  • Improved speaking and listening skills


In this interactive gallery session children will discover how we can learn about people from this remote time before written history, including where archaeologists find evidence about the past.

Activity 1: Evidence from objects Pupils will handle materials and artefacts used by Stone Age and Bronze Age people. They will work as detectives to decide what the materials and objects might be and how they could be used. They will work in teams to solve a set of prehistoric challenges.

Activity 2: Gallery Hunt Pupils will search the gallery for original artefacts to delvelop a better understanding of life in ancient times. They will design a torc inspired by jewellery in the European Prehistory.

Activity 3: Prehistoric Party Pupils imagine what might happen at a Prehistoric celebration.

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