National Curriculum Subject Area/s: Art & Design, Music
Length of session: 1 hour
Max group size: 30 pupils


  • Improved musical awareness
  • Improved visual literacy
  • Improved speaking and listening skills
  • Learning how to engaging with paintings and objects through music and movement


In this interactive session children will play observational and musical games and join in with songs that link to objects from our collections.

N.B. This session can be run in conjunction with our minibeast session.

Activity 1: Match the sound to the instrument. Children will look at some paintings and musical instruments in the galleries and play a range of observation and music games. They will hear music clips and try to match the sounds to the instruments.

Activity 2: Musical make and take. Children will create a simple musical make and take to use in the sing along session.

Activity 3: SIng along. Using a range of props and the simple musical instrument they made, children will join in songs connected with objects from our collections.