Key Stage 2
National Curriculum Subject Area/s:
History, Geography, potential for cross-curricular work
Length of session: 1 hour 
Max group size: usually 1 class but there may be flexibility to group classes


  • Knowledge and and understanding of using archaeological evidence to learn about the past.
  • Understanding more about the different kinds of materials and technologies used by craftsmen.
  • Awareness of similarities and differences between life in Ancient China and today.
  • Learning about different writing systems.
  • Improved speaking and listening skills.



This session explores Chinese history, culture, art and language.

Activity 1: Evidence from objects and early writing. Using objects from the Shang dynasty children will learn more about life alongside the Yellow River. Pupils will look at oracle bones and discover how some aspects of Chinese writing have remained unchanged in nearly 3,000 years.

Activity 2: Pupils will have a go at writing Chinese Character using brushes and paint.

Activity 3: Using evidence from objects in the galleries and ancient legends children learn about auspicious creatures including dragons, crickets and bats and will make a ‘Good Luck’ envelope or lucky bat.