National Curriculum Subject Area/s: Art & Design
Length of session: 20 mins
Max group size: 40 pupils


  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the cultural background and meaning of objects representing different areas of the collection
  • Improved critical, analytical and observational skills
  • Ability to reflect upon the aesthetic quailities of artefacts as well as the personal responses they evoke
  • Ability to make connections, contrasts and comparisons between objects and artworks across diffrent times and cultures
  • Opportunity to sketch from primary source material


Students will be introduced the concept behind the Ashmolean’s displays, Crossing Cultures, Crossing Time, and discover how museum collections can inspire sketchbook work.

Students will have a gallery tour focusing on three key objects from across the collections on your chosen theme. Tours may include sculpture, objects, paintings, ceramics and other artworks.  

Students and teachers will then have the opportunity to work independently in the galleries.

Popular themes include: pattern, body image, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and natural forms.

Sessions are tailored in discussion with the teacher to meet the needs of students.