The Department of Eastern Art holds varied collections of archival material. These include photographs, drawings, prints, notebooks and more from archaeologists, curators, collectors and artists.

Barrett archive: a collection of photographs of Indian sculpture, sites and architecture from Douglas Barrett (1917-1992), Keeper of Oriental Antiquities, British Museum, from 1969 to 1977.

Beattie archive: a collection of books, papers, and photographs as well as textile samples from May Hamilton Beattie (1908 – 1997). It was deposited with the aim of developing a resource for the study of carpets. See also the Ashmolean's Jameel Centre online record.

Carswell archive: the papers of archaeologist John Carswell, including notebooks, drawings, and photographs from his work in the Mediterranean and Islamic world.

Cohn archive: the mostly photographic archive of William Cohn (1880–1961), Advisor in Oriental Art to the Ashmolean Museum until his retirement in 1955, including sites and objects from East Asia, South India and the Islamic world.

Creswell archive: the archive of Professor K.A.C. Creswell (1879–1974), concerning medieval Islamic architecture, including papers, publications and photographs. See also the Ashmolean's Jameel Centre online record.

Hamilton archive: a collection of papers of archaeologist Robert Hamilton (1905–1995), former Keeper (Director) of the Ashmolean Museum from 1962 to 1972, specialising in Islam.

Harle archive: a collection of documents and photographs from James Harle (1920–2004), Keeper of the Department of Eastern Art from 1967 to 1987.

Impey archive: a collection of 19th-century photographs of people and places in India taken by Eugene Impey (1830–1904), soldier, administrator and political agent in the court of Alwar in north-eastern Rajasthan in the late 1850s and 1860s.

Indian Institute archive: correspondence and hand lists of the collection of the Indian Institute, University of Oxford.

Lui Shou-Kwan archive: correspondence, photographs and publications relating to the works and historic exhibitions of Hong Kong New Ink Movement artist Lui Shou-Kwan (1919–1975).

Rau archive: collection of photographs of ikat textiles from collector Pip Rau.

Sullivan archive: correspondence and papers of Chinese art scholar and collector Michael Sullivan (1916–2013).

Willey archive: a collection of papers and photographs from Peter Willey (1922–2009), archaeologist and specialist in Islamic architecture.

Williamson archive: a collection of papers from Andrew George Williamson (1945–1975), archaeologist specialized in the Islamic archaeology of Iran.

Wrangham archive: a collection of papers and photographs from Japanese art collector Edward Wrangham (1928–2009).