29 Jan – 6 Nov 2022

A silver Icenian Iron Age coin depicting a horse

Money Gallery

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This display introduced viewers to the fantastic visual world of the Iceni – an Iron Age community that inhabited present-day East Anglia. The captivating imagery on Icenian coins portrays wolves, prancing horses, spiky-haired boars, and hidden faces. These motifs speak of many crucial aspects of Iron Age life: the start of urban life; art and iconography; the nature of sacrificial landscapes; tribal identities and the changing nature of kingship.

The Iceni also have historical significance – this is Boadicea’s tribe who fought against the Roman Empire in AD 60/61. The artefacts in this display provide a perfect opening ground to explore the history of this community.

The display featured coins from the John Talbot collection, which was gifted to the Ashmolean in 2022.


Iceni coins display in the Money Gallery

Iceni coins display in the Money Gallery