Dr Jerome Mairat

Dr Jerome Mairat

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In the third century, the Roman Empire saw a crisis, marking the beginning of Late Antiquity. This period represents a pivotal stage in the development of Roman coinage. My research interests focus on this important period of transition, as seen from coinage, both imperial and provincial.

I am currently working on Roman Provincial Coinage volume VII (Gordian III) and volume VIII (Philip the Arab). The aim of the Roman Provincial Coinage project is to produce a standard typology of the coinage produced in the provinces of the Roman Empire. This represents the first systematic treatment of the civic coinage at the height of the Roman empire. 

My research interests cover a wide range of subjects related to Roman coinage: monetary reforms, imperial cult, iconography, art history, onomastic, local cults and religions.

As curator, I oversee the digitalisation and the online publication of the numismatic collection of the Ashmolean Museum.
Jerome Mairat is Curator of the Heberden Coin Room in the Ashmolean Museum. Prior to this, Jerome was working in the Financial industry in Paris, Tokyo and London for more than 10 years. He received his education at the University of Paris (in Mathematics), and later at the University of Oxford for his DPhil in Roman numismatics (Wolfson College). The digitization of the Coin collection of the Ashmolean Museum is overseen by him as eCurator. He curates the Roman collection. He is a member of the Council of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, and General Editor of the 10 volumes ‘Roman Provincial Coinage’ research project.

Featured publications

  • Roman Provincial Coinage. From Nerva to Hadrian (AD 98–138). Volume III, AD 98–117 (British Museum, Paris, 2015)
  • Roman Provincial Coinage. From Trajan Decius to Uranius Antoninus (AD 249–254). Volume IX, AD 249–254 (London, Paris, 2016)

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