Assistant Curator of the Cast Gallery and Researcher in Classical Archaeology

Milena Melfi

Milena Melfi

Assistant Curator of the Cast Gallery, Ashmolean Museum 
Researcher in Classical Archaeology, Faculty of Classics
Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology, New College


Research interests
My current work is mainly directed at the interpretation of the archaeology and history of Greek sanctuaries and cults in Late Hellenistic and Early Roman times. My research focuses on the re-definition of the role, functioning and frequentation of Greek religious sites, starting from the combined study of material and written sources. Since 2008 I have been directing a team from the University of Oxford in the joint Italian–Albanian–UK excavations at Hadrianopolis (Albania) and have been engaged in the study and publication of the finds from the site. In connection with my research in Hadrianopolis, I have a particular interest in the archaeology and history of Epiros. From 2016 I have also been engaged in the study and archaeological survey of the ‘Plutonium’ or ‘Temple of Pluto’ at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli (Rome).

Milena Melfi is a Researcher in Classical Archaeology at Oxford University and the Assistant Curator of the Cast Gallery at Ashmolean Museum. She is also a Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology in the New College. She received her education in Classics at University of Pisa and in Classical Archaeology at the University of Messina. Prior to coming to Oxford she was a Fellow of the Italian and British Schools of Archaeology in Athens, of the American Academy in Rome and of the Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University. She has worked on surveys and excavations in Greece, Sicily and Albania. She has been working with the collection of casts of Greek and Roman sculptures at the Ashmolean Museum since 2004, and in 2008 she took up the position of  Lecturer in classical art and archaeology at New College, University of Oxford. 

Featured publications

2007 I Santuari di Asclepio in Grecia  (Rome)

2007 Il Santuario di Asclepio a Lebena (Athens)

2016 Hellenistic Sanctuaries: between Greece and Rome, with O. Bobou (Oxford)

2015 Gods in Colour. Catalogue of the Exhibition in the Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford Jan–Jul 2015), with R. R. R. Smith (Oxford)

2010 Hadrianopolis: exploring an ancient city in Epiros, with R. Perna (Macerata)

Featured project 
Hadrianopolis Excavations
Hadrian’s Villa: archaeological and geophysical survey of the Higher Grounds (Plutonium and Inferi)
Beyond the Borders: the history and archaeology of northern Greece (with Maria Stamatopoulou)