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A Nice Cup of Tea? is a new installation in the museum’s European Ceramics gallery.  It features a specially commissioned work of art by Enam Gbewonyo and Lois Muddiman - a spectacular explosion of ceramic fragments; and audio recordings of local people from Oxford’s Windrush generation and African Caribbean community.

With the chink of cups and time to chat, sitting down for ‘a nice cup of tea’ represents comfort for many of us.  But every sip is connected to the legacy of the British Empire, global trade and transatlantic slavery.  The fashion for drinking sweetened tea from China inspired the luxury tea sets in the European Ceramics gallery.  But behind this wealth was the brutal exploitation of enslaved people producing sugar in the West Indies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Created with local communities, students and artists, the new installation commemorates the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush and explores the complicated histories and fascinating stories to be found in some of the Ashmolean's European ceramics.


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Detail of A Nice Cup of Tea? installation at the Ashmolean Museum, 2019.  Artwork by Enam Gbewonyo and Lois Muddiman.