Fortnightly on Sundays, from 2.30pm

Each tour is 1 hour, 15 mins

Booking is required, tickets are £12, plus concessions

Meet in the Randolph Sculpture Gallery, ground floor

These walking tours are run by doctoral students from the University of Oxford and part of the programme of Uncomfortable Oxford tours.

The aim of each tour is to discuss the collections of the Ashmolean with a critical eye - highlighting uncomfortable spaces in the Museum, colonial origins, contentious histories and subject matter. 

Through the questioning of labels, displays and exhibits, the tour leader will ask participants to reflect on the purpose of a museum today.

2023 Summer / Autumn Tour Dates

  • Sun 2 Jul
  • Sun 16 Jul
  • Sun 30 Jul
  • Sun 13 Aug
  • Sun 27 Aug
  • Sun 10 Sep
  • Sun 24 Sep
  • Sun 8 Oct
  • Sun 22 Oct
  • Sun 5 Nov
  • Sun 19 Nov
  • Sun 3 Dec


For details, dates and information about how to book, visit the Uncomfortable Oxford website

Uncomfortable Oxford website

These tours are sponsored by the Ashmolean Museum, working in collaboration with Uncomfortable Oxford

ACCESSIBILITY: Fully wheelchair accessible with moments for sitting throughout