Advent Calendar Day 8

Green stag figurine on a stand

Bronze Figurine of a Stag (626–539 BC)

In 612 BCE, the kingdom of Babylonia – with the help of allies – successfully overthrew the Assyrian empire. For several decades after the Babylonians dominated the region, drawing attention to their illustrious past to legitimise their rule.

The ancient city of Kish, to the east of the city of Babylon, was revered as the place where the gods had established kingship. Babylonian kings refurbished some of the city’s ancient temples and the city flourished.

This little bronze stag, just 14cm tall, is a rare example of metal sculptures that were made to decorate important buildings at Kish.

The Babylonians' power would eventually be brought to an end when they were swallowed up by the Persian Empire.

You can read more about the Ancient Middle East, and see this stag on display, in the Ancient Middle East gallery on the Ground Floor

14.2 cm tall