A unique Roman coin of Allectus

A unique coin of Allectus (AD 293-6) from the Berkshire Downs in Oxfordshire

About the research project

This project explores a recently discovered site in southern Oxfordshire which has yielded numerous archaeological finds including coinage, metalwork and ceramics. The majority of these finds were recovered through metal-detecting and date to the Iron Age and Roman periods, roughly between 100 BC to AD 400. The overall assemblage has the potential to significantly add to our understanding of the site and its surroundings, and help us to more fully understand its nature and function over a long period of time. 

Research aims

The project focuses on recording all of the finds discovered at the site, around 2,000 in total, on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) online database, placing these finds alongside many thousands of others recorded from around Oxfordshire. The artefacts will be identified, photographed and measured, providing a valuable record of this important location. Geophysical surveying of the area will also be a major part of the project which, combined with the object data, will enable the project team to interpret the activity at this fascinating site over a period of around 500 years. 


Project funders

Privately funded

Project start

July 2016

Project team

Dr John Naylor, Ashmolean Museum,
University of Oxford
Anni Byard, Portable Antiquities Scheme
and Oxfordshire County Council
Alison Pollard, University of Oxford

Research Connections

British Museum, London
Oxfordshire Museums Service, Oxford


Portable Antiquities Scheme online resource