National Curriculum Subject Area/s: English
Length of session: 1 hour
Max group size: 30 pupils


  • Develop creative writing skills through writing about setting, plot and character
  • Write accurately, fluently, effectively and for a range of purposes
  • Write stories, scripts, poetry and other imaginative writing
  • Students give short presentations of their work, expressing their own ideas
  • Find new approaches to starting a piece of writing
  • Develop thinking, speaking and listening skills


In this session, students will explore how paintings and objects can be used as inspiration for creative writing. 

Using structured activities and guided writing, students will work from a range of paintings and objects from the collections to create characters, develop plots, describe settings or write poetry.

Sessions can be tailored in discussion with the teacher to meet the needs of students.

INSET and teacher training on using objects and paintings for creative writing can also be arranged.