National Curriculum Subject Area/s: Art and Design, geography, maths, cross-curricular projects
Length of session: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Max group size:  32 pupils


  • Understanding more about the different kinds of materials used by artists and craftsmen.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the elements of Islamic art and design.
  • Understanding that in Islamic Art all art forms have equal status.
  • Better understanding about possible applications for pupils’ own designs.


Activity 1: Setting the context Pupils will use a large map to find out where in the world Islamic art can be found.

Activity 2: Learning to look Pupils will take part in a range of activities to become more familiar with Islamic art. Through the use of jigsaws, I spy games, gallery hunts and object handling they will discover more about the materials, techniques and elements of design used by artists and designers.

Activity 3: Tesselation activities Tesselation challenges will demonstrate how geometry underpins tesselating pattern.

Activity 4: Creating you own design. Children will use the objects in the gallery to inspire their own designs on paper. Once the designs are complete children will take photos of their designs transforming them into repeating tesselations.