ASHPASS is a pilot young people’s membership scheme running until August 2022 The Ashmolean wants to increase the number of young people visiting the Museum aged 16-18. ASHPASS provides an opportunity to involve and consult with young people in making the Museum more relevant for them. 

What is it?

ASHPASS is a pilot young people’s membership scheme running until 31 August 2022.

Who is it for?

This year it is exclusively for local sixth form students, aged 16-18. 

What’s on offer?

An ASHPASS card, valid until 31 August 2022, gives the card holder a free pre-booked ticket to Ashmolean temporary exhibitions. It is non-transferable and non-refundable. Click here to find our current and upcoming exhibitions

Is there a charge?

No, the ASHPASS can be used for a free pre-booked timed ticket for the card holder to temporary exhibitions. 

Do I need to book to visit an exhibition?

Yes, you need to pre-book a free timed ticket. Please note ticket capacity may be limited and tickets are subject to availability. 

How do I use it at the Museum?

Tickets can only be used during the booked time slot.  ASHPASS members should present their ASHPASS and ticket at the scanning desk to the temporary exhibition, on Floor 3.

Can I use it for other people in my group?

No, the ASHPASS only gives free entry to temporary exhibitions for the card holder. Anyone else you are visiting with needs to have their own ticket. You can find out more about purchasing tickets at this link

Can I use it any time?

Tickets can only be used during the booked time slot. This enables us to manage visitor numbers safely and provides a more enjoyable visit for everyone.

Where can I find out about other events for young people?

Visit our Young People's page at this link