Conservation Manager: Preventive, Science and Technical

Kelly Domoney, Ashmolean Conservation Manager

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Research summary

My research focuses on the application of non-destructive analytical techniques to the study of archaeological and historical objects in order to answer questions on manufacturing, technology, conservation, restoration and dating.  

I specialise in the chemical characterisation of European porcelain and its decorative components using X-ray fluorescence in particular the identification of reproductions, copies, fakes and forgeries.  

Recent research projects include development of porcelain production at Bow and Chelsea, attribution of Worcester porcelain, X-ray examination of Hallstatt metalwork, characterisation of Maiolica and tin-glazed ceramics, dating pewter music plates, identification of 19th century pesticides, attribution of Dutch Renaissance silver, characterisation of pigments applied to library materials and 19th century furniture, and technical examination of Italian metal point drawings. 


Dr Kelly Domoney is Conservation Manager (Preventive, Science and Technical) at the Ashmolean Museum. Kelly holds a BA (Hons) in Archaeology and an MA and MSc in Conservation from University College London, an MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton, and a PhD in Archaeological Science from Cranfield University.

Prior to working at the Ashmolean, Kelly was Lecturer in Archaeological and Conservation Science at Cranfield University and Curatorial Research Fellow in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.