• There are occasional attempts to steal from museum collections.
  • Very rarely malicious damage can be perpetrated.
  • Museum personnel can accidentally misplace objects. There are more than one million objects in the collection, for each of which the location has to be accounted for and tracked as they move, whether around the museum, into store, out on loan, into conservation or back onto display.
Various methods and procedures are used to limit the opportunities for theft, e.g. galleries are being monitored constantly via cameras. A showcase can be a barrier to theft and methods are used in showcase construction to make them as secure as possible. 
Gallery attendants monitor the galleries at all times to make sure no unintended actions occur in the galleries.
To ensure nothing goes astray the Museum Registrars maintain a rigorous audit of object movements. This information is stored in a museum-wide database programme which contains images and information about all the objects in the collections.
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