We are now offering a programme of live streamed online sessions bringing museum learning to your classroom.

A choice of sessions from either 30 minutes or up to one hour long are available, and sessions are tailored to meet the needs of students in discussion with the teacher.

"A fascinating look at women’s lives in Ancient Greece, based on material sources. The Ancient Greek sippy cup showed how much 'then' had in common with 'now'."

Classics Teacher, La Sainte Union Catholic School, Camden


Learn about the about the opening up of trade routes in the 1500s between Europe and the Far East through museum objects.

Workshop using paintings as inspiration for creative writing to create character, develop plot or describe setting.

Explore everyday life in Ancient Greece: the symposium, religion, gods and goddesses, crafts, women, festivals and sport, male citizens, myths and legends, and slavery.

Explore everyday life in Ancient Rome: cooking, eating and drinking, trade across the Roman Empire, building materials and religion.

Bespoke session based on Ashmolean collections for example, identities, nature, sculpture, gender identity, a historical period or a specific artist.

An interactive session using objects to formulate questions,practise higher order thinking skills, explore themes and develop lines of enquiry.

Learn how perspective in art has changed and developed across different cultures from the Ancient world, Italian Renaissance and Victorian artists, then see how conventions were subverted in more recent artworks.

Discover objects and artworks to explore world religions from different cultures and times related to key world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism.

Explore objects and artworks on your chosen theme, e.g., body image, portraits, still life, pattern, light and dark.


FREE sessions tailored to your requirements can be delivered online as part of a teacher training module, subject department meeting or school INSET day.

Possible Themes

  • An introduction to the Ashmolean and ideas for using the collections in the classroom
  • Using objects and artworks in classroom teaching
  • Using museum collections for creative writing
  • Practical approaches to exploring objects in the classroom as evidence about the past
  • We can also offer bespoke online teacher training opportunities as part of your INSET or staff meeting.


Programme costs will vary depending on what you would like to do & how many classes, but our standard prices for online sessions are:

£35 for a short introduction

£75 for a 1 hour taught session

£100 for a bespoke session

Free for Oxford University Widening Participation and Access Groups and Special Schools

Talk to us about what you would like to do and together we can design a programme to suit your needs and budget.


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