Philippa Walton

As a classical archaeologist, my research focuses on the material culture of the Roman world, with an emphasis on coinage and small finds. Prior to taking up post in Oxford, I worked in professional archaeology, most notably at the Hellenistic and Roman town of Zeugma in Turkey and for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. My doctoral thesis, published as Rethinking Roman Britain: Coinage and Archaeology in 2012, concentrated on the use of numismatic evidence to re-interpret many of the key moments in the history of Roman Britain I am particularly interested in the function of Roman coinage both inside and outside the Roman Empire, as well as the uses of coinage in votive practice and Roman ritual.

I am currently employed as the Research Fellow on The Coin hoards of the Roman Empire Project. Generously funded by the Augustus Foundation and co-directed by Prof. Chris Howgego (Ashmolean Museum) and Prof. Andrew Wilson (Oxford Roman Economy Project), the project aims to collect information about hoards of all coinages in use in the Roman Empire between 30 BC and AD 400. It is envisaged that the database will provide the foundations for a systematic Empire-wide study of hoarding and will promote the integration of numismatic data into broader studies of the Roman Economy.