The Spotlight trail guides you through the Museum, stopping off at 12 highlight objects.

You can explore the trail on your phone or device by clicking on the object icons below, by downloading the Spotlight Trail PDF before your visit.

The trail takes about an hour (or a bit longer if you pause to look at lots of other objects along the way).


Egyptian Mummy
Journeying to an afterlife
Level G: Gallery 24


Knossos Octopus Pot
An octopus at home in a palace
Level G: Gallery 20


Guy Fawkes’ Lantern
Remember, remember
Level -1: Gallery 2


Powhatan’s Mantle
First encounters in North America
Level -1: Gallery 2


Indian Bronze
Wielding an axe with grace and elegance
Level1: Gallery 32


Islamic Lamp
The light of the heavens
Level 1: Gallery 31


Armour for a period of peace
Level 2 : Gallery 37


Alfred Jewel
Made for King Alfred the Great
Level 2: Gallery 41


Hunt in the Forest
Perspective Masterpiece
Level 2: Gallery 43


The Great Bookcase
Creating a medieval world that never was
Level 3M: Gallery 66


Turner’s High Street
A view of Oxford’s High Street
Level 3M: Gallery 67


Manet's Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus
Portrait of violinist Fanny Claus
Level 3M: Gallery 65